Church and Lay Leadership

Leadership Roster
Church Council
2016 Officers
Pastor:                                     Kyle Durbin
Youth Director:                        
Chair:                                       Bob Nelson                  
Vice Chair:                               Sue Morgan
Secretary:                                Mary Lynn Pegg          
Financial Secretary:                 Joni Otto
Treasurer:                                Ron Tenaglio                Check Signers: Ron Tenaglio, Charlotte Folk
Committee on Lay Leadership     Chair: Kyle Durbin           
                                                Vice Chair: Carol Lease                                                              
      Class of 2016                       Class of 2017                  Class of 2018                            
      Carol Cleveland                     Hilda Gordon                     Amy Meek
        Carol Lease                         Dot Workman                  Darlene Spataro 
Trustees              Chair
         Class of 2016              Class of 2017              Class of 2018
        Gordon Duguid               Lee Beeman               Craig Workman
          Phil Beeman                Kenny Martin                Sue Crowe
        Gladys Spataro             Margie Nelson            
Lay Leaders       Julie Hardy
Annual Conf. Members             Amy Meek                                          
Alternate Member       
Finance              Chair: Phil Beeman
         Class of 2016                      
        Carol Cleveland
         Bob Holmes
        Nancy Cotton
         Jay Stevens
         Dave Brode
        Jackie Bond
            Ex officio members of the Finance Committee
            Bob Nelson, Chair of Church Council
           Chair of Trustees
SPRC              Chair: Natalie Tenaglio
        Class of 2016                Class of 2017                 Class of 2018
        Avalon Ledong              Natalie Tenaglio              Susan Workman
           Ben Norris                   Susan Cook                    Nancy Crawley
         Karen Gordon               Evelyn Stemple               Austin Whetzel
            Ex officio: Amy Meek, Lay Member of Annual Conference
Resource Tasks
            Membership                Chair: Charlotte Folk                        Dot Workman
            Audit                             James Stemple
                                                  Avalon LeDong           Renae Holt
            Sunday School Superintendent:         
            Worship Team                  Chair: Julie Hardy                 
                 Beverly Fell                  Kelly Griffin                Carol Lease
                 Dave Fell                      Debi Beachy              Bob Holmes
                 Sean Beachy                Julie Hardy                Jen Holmes
                 Stewardship           Chair: Jay Stevens
                 Bill Dormer                 Don Weser                   Renae Holt
                 Lynn Clark                  Sharon Kyle
                 Health                           Becky Beachy                                            
Nurture Tasks
            Refreshments                              Pat Brode, Ruth Dormer
            Coordinator of Greeters              Joni Otto
            Coordinator of Acolytes              Kelly Griffin
            Communion Stewards                Carol Lease, Sylvia Twigg, Ruth Dormer
            Coordinator of Ushers                
Chair, Outreach                                                       Tony Crosby
Missions and Evangelism                                              
Christian Unity and Community Concerns               Tony Crosby
Health and Welfare                                                   Becky Beachy
Representative, United Methodist Women               Bev Fell
Representative, United Methodist Men                     Bill Dormer
United Campus Ministry                                            Cynthia Zirlott
                                    Outreach Tasks
            Salvation Army Christmas Stockings                Martha Weser
            Camp Hope Board Representative                   Lauri Whetzel
            Scouting Representative                                   Ron Tenaglio
            Interfaith Food Pantry                                        Jessie McNalley
            Parish Nursing Program                                    Becky Beachy, Julie Hardy
            Church Historian                                             Amy Meek
Witness Communications Tasks
            Editor of Together                                           Andrew Pegg
            Congregation Outreach                                  Nancy Folk
            Webmaster                                                      Sean Beachy
 Pat Brode
Carol Cleveland
Jo Hall
Ruth Dormer
AUDIO/VISUAL        Chair:  Sean Beachy
Bob Holmes                 Austin Whetzel
John Holt                     Alex Whetzel
John Jarvis                  Steve Crowe
George Watson           Shawn McNalley
Alexis Lyons                Evan Beachy
Holders of italicized positions on the Leadership Roster are not members of the Church Council by virtue of those positions.