Volunteer Covenant


Lay Leadership/Volunteer Covenant

As a member of the Lay Leadership Team at Frostburg United Methodist Church, I commit to the following in order to honor Christ who is the head of the church and to uphold the unity and effectiveness of our ministry team:

  1. I commit to the building up of my brothers and sisters in Christ through encouragement, support, affirmation, and prayer; desiring the best for them in their spiritual, emotional and ministry development. I will celebrate with them when they succeed and will stand by them when they fail, affirming both their abilities and calling to ministry.

  1. I commit to actively listen with respect and courtesy and seek to understand the views and understand the views and opinions expressed by other members of my team. When I disagree, I will do so with sensitivity and love, allowing for differences in thinking.

  1. I commit to inviting honest and loving feedback and evaluation in my personal life and my ministry area.

  1. I commit to promptly addressing interpersonal conflicts that may surface, dealing directly with the person(s) involved. If necessary, I will submit to the biblically defined conflict resolution process (Matthew 18:15-20).

  1. I commit to actively participating in the decision making process of the ministry and church, supporting any initiative agreed to by the ministry team/council/and or church. This also includes being on time and in attendance to all ministry meetings unless communicating in advance your absence to the meeting host.

  1. I commit to supporting my brothers and sisters in Christ in discussion with anyone outside of staff and will encourage those who have a concern or issue with another staff member or church member to go to them directly.

  1. I commit to holding in confidence those things shared by fellow team members and will seek to contribute to an atmosphere of trust and safety that allows us to share openly.

  1. I commit to cultivate a growing and healthy personal relationship with God.

  1. I commit to being loyal to the church to which God has called me, being careful to speak only that which is helpful to the building up of others.

  1. I commit, in the will of God, to relate to my team and church in a way that would reflect a long-term commitment.

Lay Leadership Team Member Signatures: