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If you or someone you know is in need of compassionate (congregational) care, please click on the above, secure, confidential link to make your request known.

If requested, you will be contacted by one of our Congregational Care Committee members ASAP. Prayer requests can be sent directly to our Congregational Care Committee at, or you can click on the button above. Please indicate if you request confidentiality. Our prayer teams will facilitate immediate, communal prayers for your concerns. May you experience God's blessings!

If you are interested in providing your gifts or talents for congregational care or for any of our diverse ministries offered at Frostburg UMC, we encourage you to fill our our Time & Talent Survey by clicking the link below!


The Quilting Ministry team works hard to create beautiful prayer quilts for those in need of God's healing, comfort, and care. Frostburg United Methodist Church lifts up the person and their need in prayer during our Sunday services.


If there is someone you know who is in need of a prayer quilt, please contact the church office.


(They do not have to be members of the church to receive our prayer quilt.)

Frostburg UMC- Congregational Care / Quilting Ministry

Our prayer team prays constantly for all those in need.  Anyone may add their prayer requests by contacting the church office.

Frostburg UMC- Congregational Care / Prayer Chain
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